Eddie Macon's Run (1983) 720p YIFY Movie

Eddie Macon's Run (1983)

A young man, harshly sentenced for a few minor infractions, escapes from a prison in Huntsville Texas and flees to Laredo, Texas, where he hopes to cross into Mexico for a reunion with his wife and small son.

IMDB: 5.61 Likes

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The Synopsis for Eddie Macon's Run (1983) 720p

A young man, harshly sentenced for a few minor infractions, escapes from a prison in Huntsville Texas and flees to Laredo, Texas, where he hopes to cross into Mexico for a reunion with his wife and small son.

The Director and Players for Eddie Macon's Run (1983) 720p

[Director]Jeff Kanew
[Role:]John Schneider
[Role:]Kirk Douglas
[Role:]Lee Purcell

The Reviews for Eddie Macon's Run (1983) 720p

Passable entertainment which has improved with ageReviewed bydinky-4Vote: 6/10

A fellow reviewer -- the one from Winnipeg -- has this one correctly pegged. It's a decent piece of entertainment and due to the decline in film standards, it probably plays better now than it did back in 1983. There are faults. Kirk Douglas seems too old for his part and Lee Purcell seems too young for hers, and the whole notion that Eddie Macon's escape-plan involves running on foot across country, sort of in a series of marathon races, never quite comes into focus. However, John Schneider makes a likable hero -- his appeal is augmented by several "beefcake" scenes -- and as has been mentioned elsewhere, the supporting cast is diverse, talented, and well-chosen. One aspect of the film has not been discussed. The cop's obsessive pursuit of Eddie Macon, reminiscent of "Les Miserables," raises questions. Considering all the criminals who must have caused him grief over the years, the cop seems curiously fixated on Eddie who, as felons go, is decidedly "small potatoes." Does the cop possibly lust after the young, handsome, and decidedly well-built Eddie, and does he then convert this "forbidden desire" into a rigorous drive to enforce the law? This might explain why the cop softens at the end of the chase, though the cop's apparent change of heart doesn't quite ring true no matter how you regard his motives. (One almost wishes for a dream sequence in which the cop gets to soap Eddie's back in the hotel bathroom's shower -- and what a commodious shower that hotel has!)

Huntsville to LaredoReviewed bybkoganbingVote: 6/10

Watching Eddie Macon's Run and seeing what John Schneider had to go through in flashback in what landed him in Huntsville State Prison and his efforts on a second escape attempt, I concluded someone really does not like the great state of Texas. It's important to remember that Schneider moved his family from Florida to Texas because of promised good paying jobs with the oil industry. At that time Texas was booming because of oil, a lot of people went there like Schneider.

But Schneider who needs money badly because his young son has a rare blood disease finds himself working for peanuts because of some kickback scheme. When he protests and gets nasty about it, he gets tossed in jail for a five year rap. On his second attempt to escape he breaks out during the prison rodeo and he's got a good plan.

He's also got like Richard Kimble his own Lieutenant Gerard in Kirk Douglas who is less than impressed with the cowboy mentality of the place. He's from a civilized land called New Jersey and he brought in Schneider before and can do it again if for no other reason than to show the rest of the hicks good investigatory police work.

One of the few people that Schneider gets some sympathy from is heiress Lee Purcell. And she's helping him essentially for the thrill.

Schneider with his devotion to his family was one of the more noble heroes of the Eighties cinema. We the audience hope that he makes it on his run from Huntsville to the Laredo border town. Eddie Macon's Run compares most favorably to those classics from Warner Brothers in the Thirties, The Life Of Jimmy Dolan and They Made Me A Criminal. And if you're familiar with those films you know how Eddie Macon's Run will turn out.

wrong plot factsReviewed bychewmanchewVote: 9/10

A very good movie! First, the plot listed is incorrect. He does not escape from a prison in Alabama, but rather the state prison in Huntsville, Texas, (the author apparently got their "Huntsvilles" mixed up and assumed it was Alabama.) There is, in fact, a prison in Huntsville, TX, and the entire movie takes place in Texas & Mexico. A lot of action, albeit, the plot's outcome is apparent throughout. Still, this movie has an outstanding cast for a low-budget film and the original music by John Schneider is excellent. I would definitely recommend this to any fan of Kirk Douglas, John Schneider, or just your average action-movie-without-all-the-big-time-Hollywood-promotion stuff. I would say it is along the lines of movies such as "Lone Wolf McQuade", "Hunter's Blood", or "Avenging Force", all great movies without a lot of hype!

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