Thor: The Dark World (2013) 1080p YIFY Movie

Thor: The Dark World (2013) 1080p

When Jane Foster is possessed by a great power, Thor must protect her from a new threat of old times: the Dark Elves.

IMDB: 7.5285 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Adventure
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.64G
  • Resolution: 1920*800 / 23.976fps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 112
  • IMDB Rating: 7.5/10 
  • MPR: PG-13
  • Peers/Seeds: 284 / 1672

The Synopsis for Thor: The Dark World (2013) 1080p

Thousands of years ago, a race of beings known as Dark Elves tried to send the universe into darkness by using a weapon known as the Aether. Warriors from Asgard stop them but their leader Malekith escapes to wait for another opportunity. The warriors find the Aether and since it cannot be destroyed, they try to hide it. In the present day, Jane Foster awaits the return of Thor although it has been two years since they last saw once another. In the meantime, Thor has been trying to bring peace to the nine realms. Jane discovers an anomaly similar to the one that brought Thor to Earth. She goes to investigate, finds a wormhole, and is sucked into it. Back on Asgard, Thor wishes to return to Earth but his father, Odin refuses to let him. Thor learns from Heimdall, who can see into all of the realms, that Jane disappeared. Thor then returns to Earth just as Jane reappears. However, when some policemen try to arrest her, an unknown energy repulses them. Thor then brings Jane to Asgard to ...

The Director and Players for Thor: The Dark World (2013) 1080p

[Director]Alan Taylor
[Role:Loki]Tom Hiddleston
[Role:Thor]Chris Hemsworth
[Role:Jane Foster]Natalie Portman
[Role:Odin]Anthony Hopkins

The Reviews for Thor: The Dark World (2013) 1080p

Flawed but overall still Great.Reviewed byMichael SmithVote: 6/10

Once again I am re-reviewing this film after viewing it a few more times. Despite its flaws, the film has grown on me immensely. I loved the first Thor, but hated the Avengers. This was a mixed bag but had enough good things to still turn out great. I'll again get straight to the point: The Good: Algrim/Kurse was brutal and superb. He was the most memorable villain in the film. Asgard looked even better. More of the streets and buildings were revealed. Thor got a lot more action scenes in this one compared to the first. Jane was alright. Zachary Levi was a good recast for Fandral. Thor and Loki are at their best here. Loki and Frigga have some heartwarming scenes that further add to Loki's humanity and the anger he feels when she is tragically killed by Kurse. Frigga's death is a very powerful scene because it adds to the drama. Every character feels her death and it is that grief that motivates them to fight back. It added drama to the story and it made it more satisfying to see Loki and Thor team up because at this point, there is powerful emotional drama and great brotherly character development between Thor and Loki that we hadn't seen before in the previous films. They both undergo character transformations after Frigga's death. Loki has a great "redemption" moment and I was very relieved when he turned up alive later on as I suspected he would. Thor starts thinking like a king and acting like one which was a great step forward for the character. The brothers have some "bro moments" in the film. The Dark Elves were good during the invasion of Asgard because they were menacing and down right creepy with their soulless masks and ruthless fighting style. The middle fight with Thor and Loki fighting Kurse was epic as well as the best fight in the film. Loki killing Kurse and saving Thor was my personal highlight. Loki turning into Captain America to mock him was a great surprise. The Collector obtaining one of the infinity stones for Thanos in the first post credits scene was a brilliant tease for next year's Guardians of the Galaxy and the upcoming Avengers 3. Loki gaining the throne at the end and mysteriously getting rid of Odin was an excellent cliffhanger. The visuals and CGI of the different worlds were also brilliant and the humor between Thor and Loki during the escape scene was witty and entertaining. Heimdall also had his moment to shine. The Bad: Malekith was wasted. Aside from a brief introduction told by Odin at the beginning about who he is and what his plan is, there isn't any other character development for Malekith and he really suffers because of this. He doesn't interact with enough characters only Thor and he never goes into any detail about WHY he is doing what he is doing. It makes sense that he wants to save his world but the film doesn't delve into that. Malekith just goes around destroying things until he gets the Aether. The film doesn't open up his character enough to give him a personality. He comes across as one dimensional. In Avengers, Loki interacted with all the characters and explained his plan and his reasons behind it which was why he was memorable. The problem was he surrendered for no reason after acquiring everything he needed to open the portal in the Germany scene, which made no sense and he was made stupid so that the heroes could stop him at the end. Here its the complete opposite problem. Malekith has a plan that makes sense and how he was carrying out his plan made sense but he doesn't interact with any of the heroes except Thor and he doesn't get developed enough to be a memorable villain with an interesting personality like Loki in Thor and partially in The Avengers. Algrim/Kurse was slightly more developed than Malekith was, it was that bad. Certain characters like Lady Sif and the Warriors three that were promised larger roles instead were minor. The final battle was disappointing. It felt rushed and again Sif, the Warriors three and Loki are not present when they should have been to make the fight more memorable. The Dark Elves fates are not shown, only Malekith is shown dying and his death is so anti climatic its laughable. Kurse got a good death but it happened too early. He should've died in the final battle instead, it would've allowed him more screen time than he had as he was easily the most interesting opponent, due to his strength he made the middle fight tense and his absence at the end is greatly noticed. The Earth scenes are so boring in this one. In the first one they were great because Thor was learning to be a better man. But here, there is no reason for them. The characters of Darcy and Selvig were written well in Thor and the Avengers (Selvig only). But here, they are utter crap and are there purely for comedy, especially Darcy she is so pointless and unfunny. In general like Avengers and Ironman 3, there was way too much cheesy forced humor that killed some of the tension and the drama during the climax. I like humor if its dry, witty and natural but this was brain dead and appalling. The second post credits scene was a letdown. I was expecting something like The Collector giving the infinity stone to Thanos instead of simply Thor reuniting with Jane on Earth. Overall, Thor The Dark World despite a few flaws, is a great sequel to Thor and got Phase two back on track after the appalling Ironman 3. A worthy edition to the franchise with the best bits being the Thor/Loki/Frigga/Kurse emotional drama. 6/10.

The Worst Film Of The Year. Loud, Obnoxious and All Over The Place.Reviewed bymichaelhirakidaVote: 2/10

Go ahead and find this review not useful. But listen to me. I love Marvel films. The Original Spider-man Trilogy was amazing and The Avengers was awesome. But when I saw Iron Man 3 I was bored out of my mind and I felt it was not good. So I lowered my expectations for this movie and hoped it would be better right? Because from what I learned, the lower the expectations, the better the movie. Big Mistake. Thor The Dark World is all over the map with scenes of badly choreographed action scenes to bad comedy to laughable acting. I really wanted to like this film because I liked the original Thor. It was really good and it was directed by Kenneth B. who is the man who made The best adaptation of Hamlet Ever. But the movie suffers from production troubles to a bad script. The Film begins with this super magic thing called the Ether... I think which causes destruction. They find it and this one guy says "Lets Destroy it." but this other guy says "ITS TOO POWERFUL! We must put it in a place where it is easily touchable!" I knew this was going to be a bad film because the beginning suffers from cliche after cliche. Thor returns to Earth because Jane gets the Ether in her and they must heal her. The Dark Elves who are the bad guys for the film attack Thor's planet and the main baddie tries to line up the main 9 planets and cause darkness everywhere. Thor gets Loki from Prison and they go stop the evil baddie. The script and direction are extremely weak. The script sucks because the dialogue is horrendous. The acting is hilarious from Anthony Hopkins as Odin as he overacts a lot in this movie. The action scenes are poorly choreographed and make no sense. Also, Heroes should have weaknesses. Thor nearly throughout the whole Has none. Why should we care if they are unstoppable without any weaknesses, that takes away the credibility of the character. Also, this teleporting plot line makes no sense. They go nearly everywhere in this movie. In the final fight scene fall everywhere going back from place to place. They never explain why these teleports are randomly put all over the map but it really annoys me. The jokes... oh my god. They are so unfunny. Who cares if the Professor guy's pants are not on? Bad comedy has to be understood and this movie doesn't understand comedy. The character of Darcy is obnoxious. She was alright in the first but she always has to say HOLY SH*T 500 times a scene. The special effects are alright but its not always about the effects. One effect actually hurt my eyes and I didn't know if it was the 3D or if my eyes just hurt. There are very few good things about this movie. The guy who plays Loki is one of the only redeeming qualities of this movie and he is very convincing. The Stan Lee Cameo is also great and funny like always. There is a awesome twist I wont spoil. But that's about it. This movie is just super loud in its bad action scenes are poor acting and ear bleeding sound effects. Thor The Dark World is the worst movie of the year without a doubt. I was disappointed severely. Marvel can be much better then this and I hope Captain America The Winter Soldier does a better job at being a better superhero movie. 25/100 D

All style, no substanceReviewed byViktor CicvaraVote: 4/10

The acting was solid. The production value was superb. Everything else was really poor. The back story and character motivations are laughably sparse. Most of the characters are completely one-dimensional, with the possible exception of Loki. The plot is the most boring and typical of all action plots - some "bad dudes who happen to be really ugly" decide to "destroy the world for no reason other than being evil" and "only our hero can save us all", etc. Moreover, it was lazy writing - whenever an absolute miracle needed to happen, it conveniently did, every time. Of course this is a mindless blockbuster Marvel movie so we shouldn't expect much. But the thing is that these kinds of films CAN be made with a reasonable plot, pacing, and character development. The writers were obviously just going through the motions to cash in on the surefire moneymaker sequel, and from a business perspective it is hard to fault them. But it says a lot about the sad state of Hollywood in 2013 that this film currently has a 7.7 on IMDb.

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